10 People who turned their back on the Miami Heat

Here are players, a coach, an analyst, and a general manager who we believe "turned their backs" on the Miami Heat organization -- some more than others.

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7. Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce
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Udonis Haslem wasted no time in responding to former Boston Celtics small forward Paul Pierce's questioning of why his jersey was retired by the Miami Heat. In a post on Instagram, Haslem expressed his initial inclination towards a more aggressive reaction but ultimately chose to take the high road. He acknowledged Pierce's right to his opinion while also implying that he believed Pierce was not being genuine in his remarks.

Pierce's comments were made in response to a post by retired player Stephen Jackson, where he suggested that Haslem did not deserve the honor of having his jersey raised in the rafters at Kaseya Center. This exchange is just the latest chapter in the ongoing feud between Pierce and Haslem, which dates back to when Haslem referred to Pierce as a "studio gangster" several years ago.

Despite Pierce's attempt to undermine Haslem's achievements, it is worth noting that Haslem now joins an esteemed group of players whose jerseys have been retired by the Miami Heat. This list includes basketball legends such as Dwyane Wade, Alonzo Mourning, Shaquille O'Neal, Tim Hardaway, and Chris Bosh.

After an illustrious 20-season career with the team, Haslem retired as a three-time NBA champion. In November 2023, he was appointed as the Vice President of Basketball Development, further solidifying his lasting impact on the Heat organization.