10 People who turned their back on the Miami Heat

Here are players, a coach, an analyst, and a general manager who we believe "turned their backs" on the Miami Heat organization -- some more than others.

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8. Kendrick Perkins

Richard Jefferson, Kendrick Perkins
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ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins recently suggested that Butler should be traded to the Philadelphia 76ers to allow the Heat to focus on their younger players. Regarding the potential trade of the Miami Heat forward, Perkins had a lot to say.

​​"It's time for the Heat to start the rebuild of their culture with the young guys and it's not a bad thing," Perkins said in an interview on NBA Today. "I just don't know how much Jimmy got left of Playoff Jimmy. He's 34, a lot of miles, a lot of minutes, a lot of wear and tear on his body. I just don't see the Miami Heat this season being a legit title contender."

Jimmy Butler's agent, Bernie Lee recently took to social media to address comments made by Perkins to emphasize that Butler is committed to Miami and has no intention of leaving. He confidently stated that Jimmy was going to win a championship in Miami firmly shutting down any trade rumors.