Pros and cons of Heat starting Duncan Robinson over Tyler Herro

The Miami Heat are 18-6 when Duncan Robinson starts. This should be a permanent fix to take the Heat to the next level.

Detroit Pistons v Miami Heat
Detroit Pistons v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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In the current era of basketball, when pace and space are essential, movement shooters like Duncan Robinson have immense value.

These flamethrowers dismantle defenses by spreading the court and fluidly gliding across it. They understand their roles and add a unique flavor to the offense. In the case of the Miami Heat, Duncan Robinson is that distinctive spice, the Cayenne pepper of their offense.

Robinson is a nightmare for defenders when he's off the ball. His constant movement forces defenders to chase him, creating opportunities for his teammates. Spaces open up as defenders are drawn away from their assignments to cover him. According to the B-Ball Index, his "openness rating" is an F, meaning defenses are glued to him, trying to prevent open looks. That lack of space for Robinson directly creates space for his teammates.

Should Duncan Robinson continue to start even with Tyler Herro returns from injury? There are reasons for why he should, and why he shouldn't.

The attention Robinson commands has led to increased scoring opportunities for the Heat. Their record stands at 18-6 when Robinson starts, suggesting he's a vital part of their offense (123.2 ORTG when he starts).

If he were to become a permanent starter, it raises an intriguing question—what would be the ripple effect on the team?

Here are the pros and cons of keeping Duncan Robinson in the starting lineup, even when Tyler Herro eventually returns from a right foot injury.