Pros and cons of Heat starting Duncan Robinson over Tyler Herro

The Miami Heat are 18-6 when Duncan Robinson starts. This should be a permanent fix to take the Heat to the next level.
Detroit Pistons v Miami Heat
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If the Heat do start Robinson over Herro for the rest of the season, we're looking at a starting lineup of:

PG: Terry Rozier

SG: Duncan Robinson

SF: Jimmy Butler

PF: Nikola Jovic

C: Bam Adebayo

Herro and Robinson are interchangeable defensively, but Robinson is larger and longer. Both guys show gritty effort and compete. Robinson is a cerebral defender who's usually in the right spots. Neither are stout one-on-one defenders, so they depend on their teammates to cover up their physical deficiencies.

Robinson as a starter unleashes one of the best shooters in the league from the opening tip. When starting, Robinson is averaging 16.3 points, shooting a blistering 45.6% from range on 7.5 attempts. He shoots 36.2% on threes when he comes off the bench. He isn't a player who needs to come off the bench to find his flow.

His hot potato extra passing helps this Heat offense flow. He's improved various aspects of his game, most notably his handle, driving and finishing chops, but he still has a knack for knowing when to come off the ball. He won't stall the offense with overdribbling and tough, long twos.

The Heat are plus-4.1 with Robinson on the floor. His selflessness and elite shooting make teammates better and make their jobs easier. Who doesn't love open shots? Everyone gets plenty with him on the floor.

That's a better plus-minus number than the guards he's competing with for a starting spot. That's a cool number, but Robinson cannot do it alone! He's a movement shooter with an improved handle, not a heliocentric wing.

He depends on others to hit him in stride while he gives guys space to operate. He's not better than Herro in a vacuum, but he is a better fit in this starting lineup. Who finishes games is more important anyway. If egos are thrown out the window, this lineup change could propel the Heat to homecourt advantage in round one.