Ranking 7 Miami Heat free agents by likelihood to return next season

These Miami Heat players may or may not be on the move this offseason.
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The offseason can bring various feelings. Players can get away on vacation and recharge, which is a plus for the fans. We want these guys at their best year in and year out. But sometimes, the offseason brings heart-racing terror for fans as players leave their team's rosters via free agency. 

The Heat have their share of players they could potentially lose due to financial restrictions. No one wants to see players we developed walk for nothing, but that's the business sometimes. 

Six Heat players can enter free agency one way or another this offseason. A fan favorite may be on the move, but let's see who's staying. 

We'll rank them from least likely to leave to most likely to be playing for another team next season.

7. Josh Richardson

After finding his rhythm during the second half of the season (37% on 4.4 3PA over his last 19 games), Josh Richardson suffered a dislocated shoulder that shut him down for the year in February. He showed he could be a clog in the Heat's system again. He made open looks and picked up his defense as he struggled mightily earlier in the year. 

Richardson has a player option for $3 million this off-season. Given his recent injury and the fact that he didn't show enough oomph to warrant a better contract from general managers, he definitely locks in. He's rehabbing his shoulder and will likely want to prove himself again before seeking a bigger contract. He'll want to show that he can still be a plus off-ball playmaker while being a good on-ball defender.