Ranking every Heat offseason departure from inconsequential to regretful

Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat
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4. Omer Yurtseven

Two years ago, Omer Yurtseven made a positive impact when Bam Adebayo was out and looked like the backup center of the future. Going into last season, there was buzz that Yurtseven could start alongside Adebayo.

Unfortunately, Yurtseven had ankle surgery, which kept him out for most of the season. Then last summer he left Miami for the Utah Jazz, where he's been in and out of the rotation.

Miami does need another big but Yurtseven gets picked on defensively, having slow feet doesn’t help. Ideally, Miami's backup center has more of a defensive mindset. Yurtseven has offensive tools, a soft touch, and is good on the roll. Yurtseven as a developmental big isn’t a bad option, although Miami went in another direction and hasn’t missed Yurtseven this season.