Ranking every Heat offseason departure from inconsequential to regretful

Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat
Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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2.Max Strus

Not that I thought the Heat should have paid what the Cleveland Cavaliers did for Max Strus -- four years, $62 million -- but Strus was a great role player and developmental story for the organization.

Strus developed into a respected shooter and above-average defender during his time in Miami, and he was well-liked in the locker room. Letting him walk after he started in the NBA Finals wasn't an easy decision.

But you could also argue that Duncan Robinson doesn't get the same opportunity to expand his game if Strus is still around. If the Heat had matched Cleveland's offer, they may have even had to trade Robinson. Robinson is showing more off-the-bounce creativity than Strus did, and he's an even better shooter.

While having both Strus and Robinson was a luxury in the past, the Heat couldn't afford both and ultimately did the right thing to let him walk. Oh, and at least they got a second-round pick out of the sign-and-trade deal.