Ranking the 5 best rookies in Heat history: Jaime Jaquez Jr. among elite company

Jaime Jaquez Jr. is proving to be one of the best Miami Heat rookies, but where does he rank amongst other franchise greats?
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3. Jamie Jaquez Jr.

Jaime Jaquez Jr.
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2023-24: 13.2 PPG 51 FG% 39 3PT%

We're a quarter into Jaquez Jr.'s debut season and got some Jimmy Butler-like flashes.

Jaquez has a knack for getting to the line. He uses angles like a 10-year veteran. Switching levels while attacking the rim and putting defenders in uncomfortable situations is already an elite trait the rookie possesses. He's not careless with the ball and doesn't dribble the air out of it, wasting possessions.

Like Caron Butler, Jaquez is a do-it-all-all swingam with positional versatility. He's shooting the rubber off the ball on low volume, but defenses must respect his shot. He is already a willing passer looking to kick it to wide-open shooters off of his rim-attacks, similar to Jimmy Butler. Jaquez is also a stellar cutter who makes defenses pay for going to sleep. Only a few Heat rookies have played at this level, especially on a winning team, but this next player is one of those guys.