Ranking the top 10 Kentucky Wildcats in the NBA: Where do Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro land?

Kentucky has produced some of the top players in the NBA. Where do the Miami Heat stars rank among current players?

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6. Jamal Murray, Denver Nuggets, Kentucky 2016

Jamal Murray
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The 6-foot-5 Canadian silky scorer is the perfect wingman. When Nikola Jokic sets the play, he can count on Murray to bring it home.

Murray really brought it home in the playoffs last year, as we Heat fans know all too well. We shouldn't feel bad, though. He does this to everyone. He's one of the greatest playoff risers the game has seen.

Murray is a solid 17-point player in the regular season for his career. He'll go off sometimes, but you won't usually catch him on a five-game streak of scoring 30+ unless it's past April.

Murray turns into a tap-dancing all-time scorer during the playoffs. He averages 25 points while shooting 40% from deep. His next-level shot-making drops get butts out of seats. He can blow by you when you play his shot and showcase nifty finishes at the rim. He doesn't have the speed of the next Wildcat, but he doesn't need it with his skill level.