Ranking the top 10 Kentucky Wildcats in the NBA: Where do Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro land?

Kentucky has produced some of the top players in the NBA. Where do the Miami Heat stars rank among current players?
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5. DeAaron Fox, Sacramento Kings, Kentucky 2017

De'Aaron Fox
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Something is in the water in Lexington. Something that grants small guards super speed. Like Maxey, DeAaron Fox is worthy of holding the mantle of " fastest player in the league." 

The left-handed game-breaker has improved in many areas since entering the league. He was just a blazing small player with potential during his rookie year, but the game has slowed down for him.

He's processing the game like a high-level combo guard needed in today's NBA, dominating in the pick-and-roll and attacking off the ball. His midrange jumper has come around. Fox has shot over 45% on long mid-range shots thrice in his career. These shots aren't always ideal, but the great scorers have them in their arsenal. 

The knock on Fox coming out of college was his need for a consistent jumper. He's disapproved of that notion even though his 3-ball is streaky. Teams that dare him to make shots will pay. Good luck if that's your game plan to beat Fox and Domantas Sabonis. The team that eventually eliminates the Kings will do so by taking advantage of their defense. They lack any resemblance of a rim protector or paint presence on their roster. The Miami Heat don't have that problem.