Ranking the top 10 Kentucky Wildcats in the NBA: Where do Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro land?

Kentucky has produced some of the top players in the NBA. Where do the Miami Heat stars rank among current players?
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2. Devin Booker, Phoenix Suns, Kentucky 2015

Devin Booker
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Devin Booker scored 70 points before all the super scorers in the league were doing it every month. Book was only 20 but displayed a brilliant set of offensive skills. He's been a polished scorer, even though he couldn't showcase it at Kentucky.

He wasn't predicted to be this level of a scorer, but his defense and playmaking coming along have been even bigger surprises. 

Playing on tanking Suns teams to begin his career helped him hone his playmaking and decision-making skills. As a lead guard, he kept the ball in his hands to make plays for himself and others. 

Dividends have been paid, and today, he averages seven assists. It's deeper than the stats. His passing is noticeably better; pocket and skip passes are in his repertoire. Book knows how to get off the ball and weaponize his presence. He makes plays by just standing on the court and drawing two defenders. Leaving one of him or Kevin Durant is the choice.

Defensively, Book does more than compete. He uses his chiseled upper body to get in front of the ball and knock scores off their path. Book slides his feet more than he gambles and reaches for a steal, a tell-tale sign of a good defender. With his outstanding output, this type of season would usually be #1 on any list — but he is not an MVP candidate looking to cement his name with the immortals