Rival exec reveals what Miami Heat are looking for at trade deadline

The Heat will reportedly be cautious about adding long-term salary.
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When imagining what the Miami Heat might do at the trade deadline, most might assume the star-hunting franchise would be looking to take a big swing.

But according to a report, the Heat might be looking at making a smaller, short-term move.

As one executive from another team told Heavy.com’s Sean Deveney:

“Anything they do is going to be for an expiring (contract). They do not want to take on long-term money. So the stars that they’re connected to, it doesn’t add up. Unless it is a one-year deal kind of thing, it is hard to see them getting too active. Things change, obviously. But they really do seem to like what they have.”

Unless it's for a star, the Miami Heat might not take on any long-term salary in a trade before next month's deadline.

Part of the reasoning is the NBA’s changing salary cap landscape. With the threat of the limiting second luxury tax apron looming, the Heat need to be cognizant of their long-term finances. 

The Heat have about $150 million committed to seven players for next season. That could be more if they decide to pay Caleb Martin, who will likely exercise his player option and enter free agency. 

That leaves only about $22 million below the first luxury yax line, and not much more before they have to start worrying about the second tax line. So any move the Heat make will come with those financial considerations.

If the Heat do decide to target players on expiring salaries, some options could include Gordon Hayward, Buddy Hield, Gary Trent Jr., Kelly Olynyk, Tyus Jones (who we wrote about here), Alec Burks, Monte Morris, Delon Wright and others.

Of course, if a star such as Donovan Mitchell were to become available (of which there is no indication right now), that could be the kind of player the Heat would be willing to tie up future funds to.