Udonis Haslem speaks out on the Pat Riley vs Jimmy Butler situation

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat
Boston Celtics v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

On a recent episode of "The OGs" podcast, Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller discuss Miami's loss in the first round, the Jimmy Butler-Pat Rilley situation, and Haslem addresses his history with Dwight Howard.

"That’s a regular Tuesday night in Miami"

Udonis Haslem shared his thoughts on the Jimmy Butler situation with Pat Riley. About a week ago, Riley had his end-of-year press conference, and Riley had a lot to say about Miami’s season and Butler's availability this past season.

Riley was asked if Miami was looking to extend Butler. “That’s a big decision on our part to commit those kinds of resources unless you have somebody who's going to be there and available every night," Riley said. "That's the truth."

Haslem had his own thoughts on the situation

"Riley says what he feels. Jimmy says what he feels. That’s the locker room we have," Haslem said. "We don’t believe in hiding things from each other. That’s a regular Tuesday night in Miami."

Udonis Haslem's thoughts on boxing Dwight Howard

Last week, Haslem couldn’t be on the podcast because he was in Boston for the Miami series. With Haslem out, Goran Dragic filled in with Mike Miller.

Their guest was Dwight Howard, who has had some “run-ins” with Haslem. During the fan questions, Howard was asked, “If you and UD put on boxing gloves, who would win?” Howard responds, “Oh, I’m smoking him quick, I'm smoking UD quick” ( laughs after).

Today, the podcast started with fan questions, and Haslem was asked who would win in a boxing match, him or Howard. Haslem responded "I'd whoop that man's a**, that was a dumb a** question. I hope Dwight knows the answer to that." Haslem picks himself in this potential fight, and I pick him as willing to win in a battle against almost anyone.

Haslem also spoke on Miami being out of the playoffs early and said something that Miami fans I've heard for a while now: "There is winning, and there’s misery, so ain’t no in-between for us." That quote is from Pat Riley, who has said it for years.

It's another good episode with lots of current playoff topics and much more.