5 Unpopular trades the Miami Heat should explore this summer

Miami Heat v New Orleans Pelicans
Miami Heat v New Orleans Pelicans / Sean Gardner/GettyImages
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4. Trade one of Terry Rozier or Duncan Robinson

If the Heat can’t or are unwilling to trade Herro, then the next obvious salaries are those of Terry Rozier and Duncan Robinson.

Rozier will make $24.9 million next season. Robinson is on the books for $19.4 million. Salary-dumping either to a team in need of Rozier’s shot creation or Robinson’s spacing would help relieve Miami’s financial strain.

The issue with trading Rozier is that Miami traded a first-round pick for him less than two months ago. Would they really turn around and dump him for less value after only a few months? 

And with Robinson, what was once considered one of the worst contracts in the league is now a value deal. He has improved his all-around game, thrived as a part of the Heat’s starting lineup, and has chemistry with the Heat’s most important players. Trading Robinson would make the Heat worse.

But if the Heat are reluctant to trade Herro while his value is at its lowest, trading one of the other high-priced guards might be the only way to create real tax relief.