5 Unpopular trades the Miami Heat should explore this summer

Miami Heat v New Orleans Pelicans
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2. Trade Nikola Jovic

Nikola Jovic has emerged as Miami's starting power forward but it still feels like the Heat are just tapping into his potential.

At 20 years old, Jovic has a rare combination of size, shooting and skill that make him an ideal long-term fit in Miami’s frontcourt with Adebayo.

But can the Heat wait that long?

The playoffs will tell us what we need to know. Despite starting his last 12 games, it’s unclear if Jovic will be a regular factor in Spoelstra’s postseason rotation. How the Heat use him then will shed some light on whether they believe Jovic is ready to contribute now, or if they still view him as a project.

If the Heat want to make the most of Butler’s window, trading Jovic for an immediate contributor could be a way to upgrade the roster without spending big in free agency. Attaching Jovic to a big salary like Herro’s could theoretically bring back a high-end starter.

As much as punting on Jovic’s upside might hurt, it has to be on the table.