Where Heat's battle with Pelicans ranks all-time in Miami melee history

The Miami Heat always get chipy. But unlike other organizations, it ignites the meanest, nastiest organization in the NBA.

Miami Heat v Cleveland Cavaliers
Miami Heat v Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Going at rivals and each other

Miami Heat All-Timer Alonzo Mourning was involved in one of the most iconic NBA brawls. He and former Hornets teammate Larry Johnson exchanged punches (sort of) at the end of Game 4 in the 1998 first round.

Then Knicks Coach Jeff Van Gundy is lanching onto Mourning's leg like a little brother trying to stop the damage, making this moment so memorable. 

This incident occurred a year after PJ Brown's WWF audition in the 1997 playoffs. Knicks guard (these guys again) Charlie Ward got extremely low on a free throw line box-out, thrusting his body into Brown's knees. Brown took exception to this and tossed Ward like a Skittles package after you've finished them. The Miami Heat tolerate no-nonsense, especially when it's against the Knicks. 

They don't even take nonsense from each other! Ugly things will be said to motivate you. And nobody is above the team. The greatest of the greats are held accountable here.