Should The Miami Heat Consider Michael Beasley, Again?


Michael Beasley. B-Easy. The Beastley. Once, one of the greatest college freshmen ballers, he has spent the last year playing basketball in China for the Shanghai Sharks. But now, the former Miami Heat forward has returned to the States, and is holding out for another go at a NBA contract.

Somewhat outcasted from the league after several drug-related incidents, Beasley started his career with the Heat in 2008. During his first year in Miami, he averaged 13.9 points and 5.4 rebounds, only upping his game the next year, averaging 14.8 points and 6.4 rebounds. In spite of his off-court issues, Beasley may have stuck around had it not been for the organization needing to clear salary cap space in order to bring LeBron James and Chris Bosh over; Beasley then played for the Minnesota Timberwolves for two years, and the Phoenix Suns for one.

Beasley’s journey with the Heat did not end there however. In 2013, he was brought back on but played in only 55 games. That offseason, Miami failed to three-peat, prompting a revamp of the team; without any interest from any other NBA teams, Beasley headed to China.

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Most opinions on the 26-year-old range seem to belong to two groups: extreme dislike and complete indifference. While some people say that his college days were a fluke, others think that his talent has simply been wasted, overshadowed by a constantly looming drug problem. But still, there are a handful of fans out there who wish to see him succeed, who know he is capable of more if given the right opportunity.

So the question now becomes, should the Heat give him yet another chance?

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On the one hand, this year has been complicated enough for Miami. From the loss of James, to injury after injury, to players perhaps being not quite ready for their roles, the 22-30 team needs to make their next moves wisely. And while he may have the ability to put up the raw numbers that could help the Heat out, usually where there is Beasley, there is trouble nearby.

On the other hand, things have gone rather well for him this past year; his time in China was a complete success. Beasley averaged 28.6 points, 10.4 rebounds and 5.2 assists and shot 55.5 percent from the field. He even set a CBA record with 59 points, for most points in an All-Star Game. Plus, there have been no reports of any misconduct, drug-related or otherwise.

But what role in the Heat’s current rotation would he play?

Although he put on a good face about (barely) coming off of the bench back in 2013, after doing so well overseas, Beasley would probably want a little more room to prove himself.

And does Miami really want to stay a “grassroots” type of organization? Taking on guys that still need to be developed into the type of players the Heat needs? Or would they want to return to more of a Big Three, superstar-studded type of model?

Because as of now, Shabazz Napier, Hassan Whiteside, James Ennis and Tyler Johnson are all still building themselves up.

Beasley has experience and to me, the talent is there, no question. But taking him back would still be quite a gamble. And after the season Miami has had so far, I am not sure another “maybe” is good enough.

What do you think? Is the third time the charm for Beasley? Sound off in the comments below!

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