Haute Living Covers Chris Bosh’s “Day In The Life”


Since he entered the league in 2003 as the No. 4 overall pick in the NBA Draft, Chris Bosh has been a pretty lovable figure. And his good-guy reputation has only grown with time. Therefore, it is no surprise that even a publication like “Haute Living” would want to cover a day in his life.

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The Dallas native began playing basketball at the age of four, and in high school, Bosh had led his team to a perfect 40-0 season; they took the USA Today National Championship and were ranked No. 1 in the nation. He took Basketball America High School Player of the Year and Powerade Player of the Year in Texas, and was named “Mr. Basketball” in Texas by the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches.

After only one year at Georgia Tech (where he averaged 15.6 points, 9.0 rebounds and 2.2 blocks in 31 games), he entered the draft, and was signed to the Toronto Raptors where he remained until 2010 when he came over to the Miami Heat.

Ironically, although the Heat were looked down upon by many during the Big Three era, Bosh was rarely if ever, painted as a villain; while teammates LeBron James and Dwyane Wade had to deal with negative backlash from both the media as well as fans, Bosh seemed to still have everyone’s respect.

Five years later, the big man is still a league favorite. And this latest interview is a perfect example as to why.

1. He is a family man.

This is the case for many ballers, but the Bosh family makes it a priority to really drive home the point of how important spending time with family is. “As soon as I start watching something, I hear, ‘Hey Daddy!’ so I change it from ESPN to Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, or Nickelodeon, so they can watch.”

2. His work ethic never waivers.

Bosh was diagnosed with blood clots in his lung last winter, forcing him to miss half of the season. And since released from the hospital, he has been continuously working hard to get back to normal. “I am working at slowly getting my body back into peak condition. I might start out with three hours a day combined with weights and time on the court.”

3. Basketball is not his only passion.

Obviously Bosh is a superstar athlete, there is no doubt about that. However, although basketball may be his first love, he does not limit himself to just that. Having recently launched his own tie line, Mr. Nice Tie, Bosh is passionate about fashion. And his hobbies do not stop there: he is now learning to play the guitar. “I’m still a beginner, but I can play Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.”

4. He feeds his mind.

Yes, keeping in shape is a huge part of the game. As is just having the skill set necessary to put up good numbers. But a player cannot be great without a winner’s mindset, and Bosh understands that. “Right now, I’m enjoying The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle.”

5. He wants to be a good role model.

From making an impact on his own children, to those in his community and beyond, Bosh is a huge advocate of paying it forward (as is his wife, Adrienne). “With my son, I just tell him he needs to eat [well] to be big and strong.”

Heat Nation anxiously awaits your return, CB.