Miami Heat hold a team meeting, try to get back to who they were

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 28: Josh Richardson
MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 28: Josh Richardson /

The Miami Heat are doing whatever they can, to shake off a rough start to the season and get back on track.

So far, 2017-18 hasn’t been kind to the Miami Heat. At 2-3, they’ve looked more like the early 11-30 team, rather than the final 30-11 squad. And while it’s still far too early to predict the season ahead, there’s no time like the present to address the underlying issues.

Which according to James Johnson, has to do with the Heat losing who they once were.

"“We all got to play with a chip on our shoulder. And we also all got to play with that edge again. We’re losing who we were and who we are. And that can’t happen on this team.”"

He’s certainly right.

While Miami does possess great, raw talent, it was the organization’s culture that got them to 41-41 by the end of last year. A culture that includes a grind-it-out attitude, always striving to be better, and never giving up. As well as holding each other accountable. So that’s exactly what the guys did, in a team meeting on Sunday.

"“A lot of people took heat. I think it was the best thing for us to do, even more important than film. That’s what this culture is about, that’s what we’re about — staring guys in the eyes, telling guys the truth and that’s how you show you really love somebody.”"

The love is clearly there.

That’s why Goran Dragic didn’t hold back on Saturday evening, after the Heat’s loss to the Boston Celtics, stating the team simply didn’t look good. He criticized the defensive effort, explaining they let the Celtics get away with too many points in the paint. As well as pointed out that offensively, they only really pulled their weight during the fourth quarter. He also admitted that frustration got the best of them all, reminding him of the first half of last season. A place he never wants to be in again.

So what does the guard think it’s going to take to get back on track?

"“We feel like if we’re honest to each other, if you talk more then even if you’re not in the right spot but if you’re vocal enough, that’s going to get you to that spot. On the floor, we don’t talk much and I think that’s a problem because you need to be comfortable to say, ‘You need to be on the help side, you need to do this for me.’”"

As in any type of relationship, communication is key.

A 2-3 start is certainly aggravating, on any level. But it becomes that much more upsetting, when you know you’re capable of so much better. Which this Heat squad definitely is. However, the good news is, everyone is on the same page regarding wanting to improve. And after yesterday’s meeting, it seems the team has some ideas on how to go about doing just that.

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The Miami Heat may not look great yet, but the team has already taken a great first step in righting that wrong.