Miami Heat Rumors: Immediate fallout from the Justise Winslow trade

Grayson Allen #3 of the Memphis Grizzlies laughs with Justise Winslow #20 of the Miami Heat (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Grayson Allen #3 of the Memphis Grizzlies laughs with Justise Winslow #20 of the Miami Heat (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat traded Justise Winslow. While the reactions were swift, decisive and emotional, we have to trust in what Pat Riley is doing with this team, right?

When the Miami Heat landed Jimmy Butler this past summer, the word was that they had done so in part by promising the superstar wingman that they would be looking to add another star and/or pieces that would definitely go towards ensuring that they competed for titles early and often during the tenure that he had signed up for.

While we didn’t exactly know how that would go about manifesting itself, especially with the way that the Miami Heat’s salary situation and books were set up, it’s a safe bet to believe it if Pat Riley has said it. Well, on Wednesday, things started to come to fruition while simultaneously becoming just a bit clearer.

The Miami Heat were said to have been in on the talks for disgruntled Memphis Grizzlies player Andre Iguodala. Although he hadn’t played a minute for the Grizzlies throughout the entirety of this season, the Grizz still held his rights as a player as they intended to do so in order that they were prepared when a situation such as this one arose.

The deal eventually got done just hours before the Heat were set to tip-off against the LA Clippers and needless to say, it was a bit of a shock to the system. The centerpiece of what the Heat were sending back to Memphis was none other than fan favorite, Justise Winslow. There was a bit of a mixed reaction, but for the most part, the fans were sad to see Justise going.

At about halftime of the Miami Heat’s game on Wednesday though, a report capturing Iguodala speaking on the scenario surfaced. He spoke with ESPN’s Marc J. Spears on his move to the Miami Heat and all the details surrounding it.

After the initial report was announced though, the reports on why Winslow was the choice to be moved started to pour in as well. Some were logical, but some were a bit out there. For a logical view, Barry Jackson and Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald shared some thoughts on why Winslow may have been moved.

"There has been some frustration inside the Heat about Winslow’s extended absence with a bone bruise in his lower back. One Heat source said this was partly a pain management issue with Winslow, who has missed 26 of the past 27 games.Winslow sought a second opinion on his injured back and was advised to rest it, according to a source. There were differences of opinions about how to treat the injury."

While this is a pretty understandable and logical perspective from a Miami Heat brass standpoint, there were a few more theories out there. Here is another theory, per NBA writer Tim Reynolds.

No matter which theory you prescribe to, even if it wasn’t mentioned above, it is now time to move on and although as hurtful as it may be. As far as the Iguodala move in itself, just as in the acquisition though, I was not a fan.

To be frank, we know Justise had dealt with a few injury issues, however, isn’t Iggy just an older version of Winslow at this point? Perhaps the thinking was dependability based on availability and in that vein, you have to believe that the Miami Heat believe Iguodala will be healthy for the remainder of the regular season and postseason. Perhaps even well beyond that, considering that they gave him an extension that at least goes through the end of next season, with what is being reported as a team option for the final year which is two years from now.

But Wait! There’s more!

As with the Iguodala speculation, the Heat have been linked to quite a few more players as well this season. One of those players is current Oklahoma City Thunder forward Danilo Gallinari. According to reports though, Pat Riley is trying to make that conceptual interest into a very tangible reality.

He is said to be attempting to loop Oklahoma City into the deal he is concocting with Memphis. Get this though, the way he is said to be attempting to get it done is not only ludicrously ridiculous but such a Godfather type move.

With Oklahoma City already being the owner of a Miami Heat draft pick, reports seem to indicate that all Riley has to do to make the Gallinari portion of the trade a reality is to relinquish protection surrounding that pick that is owed. Protection, in this case, means the right to keep the pick if it lands as high as a certain selection slot for which it is protected.

While the Gallinari portion of the deal isn’t a done deal by any means yet, all signs seem to point that way and besides, the deadline is still a half-day or so away which means that there is still time. The Miami Heat were movers on Wednesday night and look dead set on being players in this season’s NBA title race.

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Hopefully, Wednesday’s purging of one of the fanbase’s most favorite young players proves to be a positive move towards just that future.