Miami Heat: Paul Pierce’s employer thinks Dwyane Wade had better career

The Miami Heat are used to the disrespect by now. What we won’t stand for though are lies and Paul Pierce being better than Dwyane Wade is one of them.

The Miami Heat are the Rodney Dangerfield of the NBA. They are the Little Richard’s of the professional basketball landscape.

They are the Satchell Paige of the league and everyone treats them that way. Do we all know what the aforementioned three people have in common?

Like the Miami Heat, they were never truly and fully respected for all they had accomplished and for what they meant to their respective arenas. Unlike the Miami Heat though, all of the aforementioned people let the world know about it. We do our parts here to accomplish that mission for them, but they tend to prefer to let their play do the talking.

In any situation though, one Miami Heat legend and the greatest Heat player ever did recently let the world know that he felt disrespected. He should have, although to no avail, as ESPN would turn around and do the same thing in their all-time NBA players ranking list they recently put out.

Ranked at 26 on this list, it is not only incorrect but flat-out disrespectful to the guy that Tim Grover likens to both the first and second greatest shooting guard of all times. While Grover’s comparison would automatically make you think Flash is the third greatest and while that would lead you to further believe that ESPN’s ranking is wrong, it isn’t all bad when you look at the list.

One thing that stands about the list is Wade’s relative position to one particular player in question. This player is Paul Pierce. Just for kicks, how can a guy nicknamed The Truth, lie so much?

Pierce matters here because he’s been documented in recent years as saying that he had a better career than Dwyane Wade. When asked the question, he responded “That’s easy!”, “I could say that off the bat. That’s me.” In case you didn’t see the actual incident, see for yourself.

Well, it should be no further debate. The company that pays Paul Pierce, The Truth, to tell some of the fibs that he tells, ranks him much further down the list than Father Prime. 

Dwyane Wade, again, comes in at number 26 on this list. Meanwhile, way down at number 54 on the list is Pierce. There, it’s settled.

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The company that paid you to make that erroneous, egregious, and asinine take has now shut you up. They ranked you twice as far down the list as the guy that you thought you had a better career than. Nice try pal, but as ESPN indicates, it just isn’t true.

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