Miami Heat NBA Draft: 3 very interesting Point Guard prospects and comps

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Miami Heat

Miami Heat president Pat Riley attends Day Two of the NBA Draft Combine at Quest MultiSport Complex (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

The Miami Heat have operated this season mostly without a true point guard. Will they look to change that in the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft?

The Miami Heat are a team that is willing to go out and get what they need. What we mean by this is where some teams will only draft certain positions, for certain needs, or only in or for certain situations, the Miami Heat always take what they like and go from there, oftentimes to actual results in year one as well.

Unlike most other teams around the league, the Miami Heat not only know how to go about getting the most out of a player in the long run, but they are really adept at pulling out whatever contributions they can from young players early on in there careers as well.

Take a peep a young Tyler Herro, rookie stud Kendrick Nunn, or even further at players like Derrick Joes Jr. and/or Duncan Robinson. All young players who simply were just arriving, didn’t have the experience, or were looked over, but they have come to the Miami Heat and found meaningful roles this season.

With this season at the top of mind though, the Miami Heat really haven’t operated with a true point guard leading the team. Yes, Kendrick Nunn slots in there and so does Goran Dragic at times, but neither are true point guards. The Dragon can be, but it asks him not to be himself while limiting his potential for an offensive explosion, something the Miami Heat have come to lean on with him as the super sixth man.

With that in mind though, we shall look to the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft. Although not a normal one and under far from normal conditions, the show must go on, well, as close to normal as humanly possible. Here are three-point guard prospects that should pique the Miami Heat’s interest.

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