Miami Heat champion Chris Bosh sitting courtside for the NBA restart

Miami Heat champion, Chris Bosh, had his time playing cut short but he still roots for Miami. He was courtside for Thursday’s NBA restart openers.

The Miami Heat are a team with a long legacy of champions, winning, and flat-out good people. While every single player or person that has ever walked through those doors may not qualify, for some reason or another, many of them do. Former Miami Heat champion and all-time great, Chris Bosh, certainly belongs in that number that are good people.

The former Miami Heat big and champion had his playing days cut short due to blood clotting issues, but he has remained a steady presence and face within the NBA and the Miami Heat organization. No pun intended, but you may be getting ready to see a little less stable version of that “steady face”, a bit more often during the NBA restart.

The Miami Heat are knee-deep in the NBA restart season, with their first game Saturday. Another former Miami Heat champion is getting cozy in Orlando as well, well, sort of.

As another part of Michelob Ultra’s Courtside promotion campaign, you know the one that featured the hilarious Jimmy Butler commercial over a Hall & Oates cut, Chris Bosh and other NBA players will be in the sea of faces along the digital boards on the sides of the basketball courts for the restart. He came in hot on Thursday night, see for yourself.

Chris Bosh certainly looked like he was enjoying the NBA action! That has to go into the vault of classic Chris Bosh facial expressions, doesn’t it? He looked like he had just had his deepest desires fulfilled there, he was all of us on Thursday night.

You have to imagine that the former Miami Heat and NBA great will stick around for future contests. The one that we are most concerned with at the moment takes place on Saturday at 1 o’clock PM.

That would be the Miami Heat’s first real and official game of the NBA restart against the Denver Nuggets. With no home crowds available, per se, we will need all of the familiarity and support we can muster. Either way though, it was good to see CB‘s face among the crowd and we hope to see it there again on Saturday.