Miami Heat: Duncan Robinson’s 2020 season recap, grade, and superlative

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) handles the ball against Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55)(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) handles the ball against Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55)(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat discovered a flat-out marksman when they found Duncan Robinson. Here is his 2020 season grade, recap, and superlative.

The Miami Heat are a team known for finding diamonds in the rough. Look no further than Kendrick Nunn.

He went undrafted, then to the Warriors’ G-League program, before joining the Miami Heat, and then proceeding to become one of the Rookie Of The Year candidates. He finished number two, behind only Zion Williams, to be exact.

You could even group Tyler Herro into this bunch. Drafted at 13, no man’s land in the world of NBA draft picks which means that you won’t get a franchise player but you won’t get a player bad enough to help you keep getting high picks, they found a stud.

Not only did he come in and commence to prove his doubters wrong, but he did it all while helping the Miami Heat win. How often is there a successful rookie on a winning team?

It doesn’t happen often. Lastly though and perhaps one of their greatest achievements to date is none other than the sharpshooter himself, one of the league’s best shooters, Duncan Robinson.

Duncan Robinson was one-man floor spacing for the Miami Heat all year long. By the time the bubble rolled around, he was a feature piece in the opposition’s gameplan.

The Miami Heat relied on Duncan Robinson’s shooting stroke this season. That’s how he earned his grade.

Coming into certain games or series, it seems like the defense was key on not letting Duncan get off. Like, it was literally what their entire gameplans were built off.

He had a guy chasing him around in the Indiana series. He had to contend with Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown in the Boston series.

He constantly had a Kentavious Caldwell-Pope or someone in his face the whole while during the NBA Finals as well. Duncan Robinson can simply wreck a defensive gameplan and everyone knows it.

The guy shot 44.6 percent from deep, on 8.3 attempts per contest. What this means in the real world is that he hit one for every two he took or 4 a game, just by showing up.

You can see why he was key to the gameplan. If the Miami Heat needed a big shot this season, Duncan hit it.

When the Miami Heat needed to establish an offensive rhythm or get out of an offensive slump, Duncan hit a big shot. That’s how he earned this grade.


Duncan needs to work on his off the bounce game, all around, which is what kept him from achieving the highest possible grade here. He will though, you can count on it.

Duncan has what we call “off the bus range”. That means he’s money as soon as gets “off the bus”.

That inspired his superlative.

Most likely to hit a contested shot from 38 feet with the shot clock going off

The man is a sniper and of the highest fashion. I can’t wait to see what he adds to his game this offseason.

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If he can come back with just a semblance of a game off the dribble, then he becomes near unstoppable on offense. He can shoot it from anywhere, on anybody, and we love to see it!

We can’t wait until things tip-off again! Until then though, this has been Duncan Robinson’s 2020 season recap, grade, and superlative.