Miami Heat: Bam Adebayo was really good again Monday but not enough

The Miami Heat ran out of gas on Monday against the Brooklyn Nets. That’s the story of this contest.

Coming down the stretch, there was a possession where the Nets were up four and James Harden had the ball. He went into his patented multiple between the legs dribbles, before then launching himself towards the rim for a driving layup score.

He came down the court the next time they had the ball and did the same thing, only to kick it out, eventually finding Joe Harris, who would attack and find Kyrie Irving off a bounce pass for a layup. Basically, even though they should have known what was coming, they weren’t able to stop it.

Mind you, they still weren’t at full strength, with Jimmy Butler, Avery Bradley, Tyler Herro, and a few more guys still out. They hope to get a few of those guys, at least, back in their next contest.

The Miami Heat needed another great game from Bam to have a chance in this one.

We noted how Bam Adebayo had to do the same thing in this game that he did in Saturday’s contest in order for them to have a chance. He, indeed, did do that and although the scoring totals weren’t as high, his impact and shot making were the same in this contest.

Even in a defeat, you love to see Bam this aggressive for his own offense. On top of the sheer aggression though, you definitely love to see him producing the way he is as well.

The thing you really hope for is that he continues to be exactly this same guy, relative to the flow of the offense of course, when the rest of the team returns. In order to be the best version of themselves, they will need him to be this all the time.

He can though and in fact, I think he can be even better with his best teammates beside him. Let’s hope those guys get back soon though, as the Mami Heat don’t want to get taking tough losses in the process.