Miami Heat: No matter your opinion, Saturday was a good win

The Miami Heat have been sporadic over their last 10 games or so, although more off than on, but they haven’t really been able to develop any form of consistently good things. Even when they managed to get a win, you had to look at it with a very close eye due to the competition it came against.

Well, Saturday’s win doesn’t fall into that category. No matter how you view their recent wins, far and few between as they may be or any of their others, Saturday’s win against the Los Angeles Lakers was a good win.

The Miami Heat needed something that they could look to as a signature win and Saturday’s was, at least, close.

Though the Lakers were without one of their two stars in Anthony Davis, they are still a formidable matchup for anyone. Whenever you have LeBron James going for your team, you always have a shot.

The Miami Heat jumped right on them, taking the first quarter by more than 10 points. They even maintained in the second, winning that quarter by almost 10 or more as well.

The third period, which is usually the Heat’s worst quarter, wasn’t a total letdown on Saturday either and in fact, it was a success when you consider just how traditionally poor of a quarter it is for them.

The Miami Heat experienced adversity, there were runs, ups and downs, bad calls, missed shots, a megastar of megastars on the other side, and they still came out on top with a win on Saturday. This was the type of win that the Miami Heat needed.

That’s not only to bolster their record, but to help them continue to build their confidence. As stated, because with or without Anthomny Davis in the lineup, this was that type of win on Saturday.

The fact that they got the chance to pay them back, just a smidge, for the Finals helps too. This isn’t the one they want though and in order to have a chance to sniff that again, they must use games and wins like this to get better and propel themselves forward.