Miami Heat Rumors: Is This The Perfect Time To Pursue Kelly Oubre Jr.?

Golden State Warriors guard Kelly Oubre Jr. (12) dunks during the first quarter of a game against the Miami Heat(Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports)
Golden State Warriors guard Kelly Oubre Jr. (12) dunks during the first quarter of a game against the Miami Heat(Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat have holes to fill heading into the offseason. With a first round sweep fresh on their minds, they need to go into it looking to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

One way to ensure that doesn’t happen would be to add some athleticism and explosiveness to this roster. While the Miami Heat tend to play a more slow and methodical paste than a lot of other NBA teams, they could benefit from another guy that could get out in the open floor to make some things happen.

That’s where a guy like Kelly Oubre Jr. comes into the fold. This is also where the Miami Heat find themselves in luck and in play.

With Oubre being available at the moment, Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Heat are in the mix for his talent. Here is an exact quote from Goodwill.

The Miami Heat should pursue Kelly Oubre Jr. with everything they have right now, as it’s the perfect time to do it.

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"According to league sources, Miami, San Antonio and the New York Knicks are among the teams interested in Oubre in free agency, and it’s easy to see him at his best, fitting into those places.Playing next to Jimmy Butler with Bam Adebayo underneath the rim, or in Tom Thibodeau’s aggressive defensive scheme on a Knicks team in need of athletic wings, it’s certainly feasible."

While it’s pretty apparent that Oubre can help the Miami Heat, thus making it a great move for them to chase him, it’s actually also the perfect time. He’s coming off of a down year in Golden State.

When you look at his numbers, he was down, pretty much, across the board. While he still won’t be cheap, relatively, he won’t break the bank with primetime numbers and the Heat could still get primetime production from him if he is able to be landed.

On top of that, he likely won’t be looking for a super-long deal and that’s in order to potentially raise his value again, so the Miami Heat could get themselves in on the ground floor there too because he still hasn’t quite reached his prime, technically. After showing a lot of potential in Phoenix, he didn’t continue to evolve in Golden State, while his outside game failed him a bit too in The Bay.

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He’s still one heck of a player though and the Miami Heat should be all-in on bringing him to South Beach, because he fits. It’s also the most pristine time to be trying to make it happen as well, because his value shouldn’t, necessarily, be at an all-time high.