Miami Heat: Scoring Has Been An Issue… But Maybe Not This Season

The Miami Heat are killing the offseason process. With a ton of new additions in tow and some of their own key guys set to return, they are prepping for what looks like it could be the return of something special to Miami.

The Miami Heat went out and finally got their point guard. On top of just that, he’s a guy that’s capable of going to get a bucket for himself or creating one for one of his teammates out of thin air at his own disposal.

Something that helps facilitate all of that but also just, generally, helps Miami, is the fact that he’s capable of getting it done at the rim, in the middle-area, or from range. He’s a true three-level scoring threat.

The Miami Heat have tolerated a bit of issue as it relates to scoring over the past few years. They probably won’t have that issue this season.

While that should be the key thing and difference that helps the Miami Heat first-unit avoid those awful lulls that have become all too common over the last several seasons, the second-unit should be among their most potent in several seasons as well.

Where this has been an issue and a real area of concern over the past few seasons, as mentioned, it should now be an area of abundance for Miami. When you think about what they added and brought back, it’s a pretty nifty exercise to run through.

Markieff Morris can create his own offense from most areas on the floor, the block, the mid-range, and with a bit of three point ability. P.J. Tucker isn’t an isolation machine or anything like that, but he has traditionally been one of the best corner three point shooters in the league.

With a full year to exert himself, Dewayne Dedmon is also a really good finisher around the rim and capable of knocking down the long ball. Max Strus is a continuously developing offense machine, that might still shock a few more people this season.

They aren’t the only guys that have a lot to prove in this coming season, but they are an example. You can be sure that Tyler Herro has a lot he wants to get off his chest as well.

Either way though and basically, the Miami Heat won’t have to worry about guys to take the shots. Also beautifully enough, these guys can hit most of the ones that they take.