Miami Heat: 3 Bold Predictions For Markieff Morris In 2021-22

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Miami Heat

Markieff Morris #11 and P.J. Tucker #17
(Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

The Miami Heat brought in a slew of new guys this past offseason. While Kyle Lowry was the big fish, P.J. Tucker‘s addition can’t be understated but even with all of that, there is another guy who should have a major role for Miami.

Markieff Morris, of the daunting Morris Twins, is now a member of the Miami Heat. With his do-everything ability, toughness, and physicality, Morris should really be able to help the Heat accomplish their goals.

How so though? That’s a good question and one that can be addressed a bit here.

Here are his three goals for the upcoming season.

Top Three All-Around Year

Playing with a team like the Miami Heat typically does wonders for players. Not only do they get in the best shape of their lives, but they also tend to produce at a higher level with Miami than they have at other stops.

The same will be the case Morris. While you won’t go as far as to say he’ll have his best year as a pro, though maybe, he will certainly have a top-three year for his career.

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