Miami Heat: ‘Fitting In’ Doesn’t Seem To Be Best Approach For Kyle Lowry

Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry (7) shoots against Los Angeles Lakers guard Malik Monk (11)(Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry (7) shoots against Los Angeles Lakers guard Malik Monk (11)(Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat started the year off hot and specifically across this current roadtrip, have experience quite the bit of difficulty. While there are a few things that could go into it all, there is something that sticks out among the rest.

When it comes to the Miami Heat’s key acquisition this past offseason, Kyle Lowry, he has seemed to try to bide his time, wait for his moments, or simply to fit in.

If you look at his season, thus far, that might not be the best approach for him. Again and with this current road trip being a pertinent example, you can look at two games from it to tell the story.

When you look at Denver Nuggets contest that did end the way it did, Kyle Lowry’s performance in that game was awful. He shot 0-8 from the field, 0-6 from range, for no points, three rebounds, and four assists.

When you look at the Los Angeles Clippers game, their most recent contest and another defeat, he went for 25 points, three rebounds, and five dimes on 9-17 from the field and 4-10 from range.

The Miami Heat have experience a bit of difficulty in the last few games. Kyle Lowry could help them get back on track if he stops trying to “fit in”.

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The thing about it all, though, is that he scored 22 of those 25 points in the fourth quarter.

Though you can find reasons to not make it the case, the correlations exist and the essence of it all is this. He can’t wait to fit in, but has to stand out and esepcially as the maestro, the orchestrator, and the point guard.

That will allow everyone else to be themselves and fit in around him. It seems that he could never find a rhythm in Denver, but that could be due to trying so hard to defer until his chosen moments, that he couldn’t find it when it was needed.

When you look at the Clippers contest, yes, he came on late. However, that was after being pretty mute for three periods prior.

You could see it in his game at that point though, he reverted, becoming the him-first guy that he can be and has been at his best. There is a way to do that, in spurts, while spritzing in the playmaking, pace-making, and pace-setting ways he’s displayed, thus far, since being in Miami.

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It’s all massive for the Miami Heat and is all massive for Lowry. If he just comes out to be the guy he’s always been, at least a bit more, then that bodes better for all of them.