Miami Heat: Are The NBA Championship Odds In Their Favor?

The Miami Heat are a pretty good team, by the looks of it. Based on the current NBA records, the Miami Heat are fourth in the Eastern Conference, with a record of 11-6.

The Chicago Bulls and the Brooklyn Nets are tied for first at 12-5, while the team that sits in third is the same team that saw Miami let a sure victory slip away from them this past Saturday, the Washington Wizards (11-5).

When you look at things from an overall perspective, they have the seventh best record in the league. Again and at 11-6, only those Eastern Conference teams are ahead of them and then three more teams from the West.

Golden State and Phoenix occupy places one and two, while the Bulls and Nets sit at three and four. The Utah Jazz come in at five, while the Wizards, again slightly ahead of Miami, sit at six.

Ironically enough though, the Miami Heat have beaten all of the teams immediately ahead of them, beating Utah twice, practically giving Washington their lone victory in the two matchups, and dispelling Brooklyn…. rather easily.

It’s still really early though. That means their is still a lot of basketball to be played, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the projections.

Here are the current odds to win the Miami Heat’s conference and the NBA Title as a whole. These odds are courtesy of WynnBet.

NBA Eastern Conference Winner Odds: 

Brooklyn Nets – +135

Milwaukee Bucks – +325

Miami Heat – +600

Philadelphia 76ers – +1000

Chicago Bulls – +1500

Atlanta Hawks – +1800

Boston Celtics – +2000

New York Knicks – +3500

Washington Wizards – +6000

Charlotte Hornets – +7500

The Miami Heat are one of the better teams in the league and it isn’t that hard to see. However, do the odds favor them, eventually, being crowned the best?

NBA Title Odds:

Brooklyn Nets – +275

Golden State Warriors – +500

Milwaukee Bucks – +750

Los Angeles Lakers – +800

Utah Jazz – +1000

Phoenix Suns – +1200

Miami Heat – +1400

Denver Nuggets – +2000

LA Clippers – +2000

Philadelphia 76ers – +2500


Sitting with the third highest odds to win the NBA’s Eastern Conference and the seventh highest odds to win the title, that seems like a pretty good place to be. The Miami Heat thrive in the spot they are in now.

Though they are comfortable as the underdogs or the belles of the ball, they are at their most dangerous as a really good team who can lurk in the shadows and away from the limelight. Yes, a few have started to come over to their side and see the greatness, but they are still being somewhat… discounted.

The Miami Heat are actually enduring quite a bit of rough scheduling early on, so the back half won’t be as taxing, but more than enough to help them begin to peak at the right time. They are in a good place, so by the actual odds and the eye test, the odds do, indeed, seem to be in their favor.