Former Miami Heat Coach, David Fizdale, Playing Lakers Long Game?

Head coach David Fizdale of the New York Knicks directs his players during a time out against the Miami Heat (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Head coach David Fizdale of the New York Knicks directs his players during a time out against the Miami Heat (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat look like one of the best teams in the NBA right now and definitely the toast of the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Reflected in their win/loss record, they currently lead the East, sitting at the number one seed.

While the on-court action and drama of it all are worth a mention all the time, certainly, there is some more drama and antics that might be playing out with a guy associated with the Miami Heat.

Former beloved Miami Heat assistant coach, David Fizdale, has bounced around the NBA to take advantage of a few different head coaching opportunities. Currently, an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, this piece has actually been sitting in the unwritten drafts section since the hire was originally announced some time ago.

The Miami Heat are known for their culture, hard work, and dedication. Instilling in their coaches too, it’s no wonder LA is pilfering ‘Culture’.

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However, now and after all they’ve been through throughout the season, it looks as though it may be truer than it’s ever been or at least, closer than it has ever been to actually becoming a reality.

With that, a question must be asked. Has the former Miami Heat assistant coach, notably during the Miami Heat’s Big Three Era and a huge LeBron James guy, been playing the long game with the LA Lakers coaching situation?

Specifically, did he take the job with the thought in mind of potentially taking over the head coaching role if Frank Vogel weren’t to make it?  Did it all actually go into the decision to join that particular coaching staff?

It has to cross your mind and especially now, with the drama that they’ve gone through from the coaching to the rotation to specifically, Russell Westbrook‘s struggles. Only time will tell and who knows if Vogel will actually be fired, as the Lakers may make a run because they do have LeBron James.

However, you can be sure that if Vogel is let go, Fiz will be right there to take his place.

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He’s a California and LA guy, so you know that it would be an honor and a dream for him to lead the Purple And Gold. Surely and if changes were to be made, he would have to be in the running to be the next Lakers headman.