Miami Heat Playoffs: Saluting Dewayne Dedmon’s Game 2

Dewayne Dedmon #21 of the Miami Heat reacts against the Atlanta Hawks(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Dewayne Dedmon #21 of the Miami Heat reacts against the Atlanta Hawks(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Though the Miami Heat found themselves on the wrong side of a ton of early foul calls, they were still able to go on to get the victory in Game 2 of their first-round NBA Playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks.

Regardless of what Trae Young says, if there was a favorable whistle in Game 2 for any team (which there was), it totally went in Atlanta’s favor.

On that whistle, it was clear as you looked at the Miami Heat’s rotation and how foul trouble afflicted them.

Bam Adebayo would have to sit early with foul trouble, while P.J. Tucker would have to sit with foul trouble at points and so much so, that Caleb Martin would make his first major appearance in power forward relief.

The Miami Heat needed all hands on deck when it came to foul trouble in their Game 2 win on Tuesday. Dewayne Dedmon was ready to work, as he always is.

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Among those guys though that had to step up with the hefty amount of Miami Heat fouls being handed out, a guy that is no stranger to foul trouble himself and had some of his own in Game 2 as well, was Dewayne Dedmon.

Coming in, being his usual energetic self, he was great for the Miami Heat on Tuesday. Always, seemingly, with a little something extra when facing one of his former teams in the Atlanta Hawks, Dedmon was a beast in his minute.

The Mechanic never stops working. It’s like—he has a 24-hour garage out there between the lines!

He would finish the game with just six points, but with nine huge boards and three of them offensive, in just 13 minutes of play. He certainly made the most of his minutes and if you didn’t look at the box score, you could have sworn that he played 20 minutes or so with the way his energy and impact were seen and felt.

Ever since joining the Miami Heat late last season, Dewayne Dedmon has been nothing less than stupendous. Yes, he has his quandaries, such as the ever-present moving screen violation that’s actually starting to afflict Bam Adebayo a bit too (something to watch and keep in mind when judging Dewayne for it).

However, he makes up for it with grit, heart, determination, energy, and massive effort anytime and for all of his time on the floor. He the classic case of a star in his role.

He isn’t a star player, but he always makes a massive impact while playing inside of his defined role for his team. You love a guy like that on your team and especially for these Miami Heat.

In his short time and because of his hustle, physicality, work ethic, and grit, he’s working his way to Heat Lifer status, a term used to categorize guys that will forever be beloved by Miami Heat supporters.

Again, that’s solely based on how his work and passion have endeared him to fans and the team.

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Dewayne Dedmon, here’s your salute! Now go and continue to do work!