Miami Heat Playoffs: ‘Gut Check’ Time For Both The Team And The Fanbase

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) reacts after a Philadelphia 76ers score( Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) reacts after a Philadelphia 76ers score( Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat, who were once up 2-0 on the Joel Embiid-less 76ers, have now found themselves tied up 2-2 with a pivotal Game 5 on Tuesday. While it is disappointing that they couldn’t grab, at least, one on the road, you would think that the Heat were down 3-1 with the reactions all over social media.

Miami Heat fans are treating this series as the end of the world when Phoenix did the exact same thing with Dallas. Good teams take advantage of home court—that’s just what they do.

It’s not a shocker that Philadelphia came out and played their best basketball at home. You can argue that Philly has more momentum after Game 4 and that may be true but Miami’s defense is more than capable of keeping them afloat, the offense just has to follow.

The Miami Heat are tied 2-2 with the Philadelphia 76ers and while it has now turned to an even series. There’s no reason to panic, have some guts!

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There’s nothing besides the three-point shooting that should have anyone worried. Even with the avalanche of extreme shotmaking from Philly, Miami has been able to stick around.

There needs to be a quick, but stern message to the fanbase. Act like you’ve been here before!

Yes, it hurts to lose, especially with the performances that we got from Jimmy, but every team has a playoff game like that. These things happen every year, yet fans have the memory of a hamster and forget what they watch every year.

This series is far from over and if anything, this is just the beginning. No team has ever had an easy run to the championship.

Every team faces adversity, but what separates a good team from a great team is how they respond. Every person and player on the Heat staff and roster knows this, but the fans don’t.

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Coach Spoelstra knows exactly what needs addressing and best believe, they’ll do their best to correct their mistakes in Game 5. Jimmy and Co. certainly have the guts, but do you?