Miami Heat Rumors: Christian Wood Trade Means Less White Noise For All

Houston Rockets center Christian Wood (35, right) drives to the basket while Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55, left) defends(Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports)
Houston Rockets center Christian Wood (35, right) drives to the basket while Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55, left) defends(Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat will certainly be looking to upgrade this offseason. Whether that actually happens, externally at least, is something that will be left up to the throws of the offseason, the free agent and trade markets, and the good folks over in the Miami Heat organization that make all the magic happen.

However, there is definitely one name that, won’t be coming up any time soon as a Miami Heat target. That name is Christian Wood, who was reportedly rumored to be a Miami Heat target as recently as this past March according to Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer.

"Miami has hopes of adding a further frontcourt presence alongside Adebayo, sources said, and has shown known interest in Christian Wood and PJ Washington. With the strong play of Gabe Vincent and Max Strus—shooting 38 percent and 40.4 percent from deep, respectively—the league’s shrewdest team strategists have come to view Robinson as expendable."

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"Miami already gauged his value with several front offices before the February deadline, sources said, although no talks were considered serious."

Well, that report can be shelved for, at least, a little bit now, as Wood was moved across the state of Texas from Houston to Dallas on Wednesday.

While that takes a reported name off the board of play, as far as Miami Heat acquisitions go and to be fair about it all, the real win might be the simple fact that he’s out of play now.

The Miami Heat had reportedly been interested in Christian Wood this past season. He is off the board for a while now and likely, all for the best.

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There are two reasons for that.

The first is this one. It takes his name out of play in this offseason cycle, thus making the dwindling process that much less strenuous.

It also helps to clear some of the useless white noise out of the air. You won’t have to hear a ton of rambunctious and frivolous rumors about a link between him and the Miami Heat for a little bit.

The second part is this and to be quite frank, it takes a potentially risky piece off the board. With his talent, ability, and size, the Miami Heat may have been tempted to make a move for his services.

However, it’s not about what he seems to have physically, as much as what he seems to be lacking mentally. You just can’t depend on a guy with the capacity to do what Wood reportedly did this past season in Houston.

While Kevin Porter Jr.’s actions were the worst kind in this situation, what Wood did is also inexcusable. He, simply, quit on his team and his coach for, not only, something that he was totally responsible for but for his own selfish reasons.

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You can’t have that if you plan to win titles and that’s just not how the Miami Heat operate as a team or franchise. So, while it does take some of the opportunity for pointless rumors to be started, it, more importantly, takes a piece off the chess board that just wasn’t made of the right type of stuff for the Miami Heat.