Miami Heat: Building Their Playmaking Should Be Offseason Priority

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Miami Heat

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) moves the ball against Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart (36)
(Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports)

With the season officially over for everyone, nonetheless the Miami Heat, it’s time to fully reflect. Upon doing so, one immediate thought is about how the Heat’s run through the playoffs revealed several problems on the roster.

One such issue, of the glaring variety, has to be playmaking. The playoffs showed that the Heat need more playmakers to move the offense and take advantage of the attention that Jimmy Butler draws.

According to Miami’s on-court stats, the Heat’s offense racks up double-digit assists when eight different players are on the court.

However, when Bam Adedabyo, Butler, or Kyle Lowry are off the court, the Heat average just six assists.

Precise moves are in order to add pieces to the roster who can create offense. Adebayo relies heavily on the initiation of other players, while Lowry spent the playoffs saddled with injury.

With so much of the scoring sitting on Butler’s shoulders in the postseason, the offense seemed inevitably doomed to fail in hindsight. Fortunately, free agency is littered with playmakers for the Heat to find in an effort to bolster the creation on the roster.

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