Miami Heat NBA Draft Prospect, Kennedy Chandler, Has High Expectations

Tennessee guard Kennedy Chandler (1) passes the ball off to the teammate during the NCAA TournamentKns Ncaa Vols Michigan Bp
Tennessee guard Kennedy Chandler (1) passes the ball off to the teammate during the NCAA TournamentKns Ncaa Vols Michigan Bp /

The Miami Heat are nearly on the clock for the 2022 NBA Draft. Well, sort of, as the draft is still a day away and the Miami Heat will have to wait all the way until the 27th pick to see themselves make a selection.

Being the organization and talent scouts that they are though, if any team can find gold down at that part of the draft, it’s the Miami Heat. Well, even if they can’t manage to find gold, they might find orange—Tennesee Orange.

One of the prospects that visited with the Miami Heat during the process and could be their guy there is Kennedy Chandler of the Tennesse Volunteers. The point guard is on the smaller side but plays the game with a certain level of physicality about him.

If the Miami Heat do find themselves interested enough to draft Chandler, providing he’s still around when they pick, it isn’t hard to understand why.

The Miami Heat may take a guy at 27 in the NBA Draft Thursday. If they do, Kennedy Chandler of Tennesee may just be an option for them.

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Speaking to his nature of being a physical and feisty guy, even at his size, the NBA prospect tends to have the highest of expectations of himself when he throws out a comparison.

You speak of the feistiness in the guard because of who that main comparison is. Here is what he had to say on the topic, per Michael Scotto of Hoops Hype

"I compare my game to Chris Paul. That’s who some people compare me to with his pick-and-roll game. I feel I can read pick-and-rolls with a high IQ level. I have a little bit of Jeff Teague too. He was small and athletic. He was shifty in how he could score the ball."

Those are lofty comparisons for the guy, especially the future Hall Of Famer in Chris Paul. However, you can see the mentality that makes him think that when he plays the game.

He rarely seems afraid or goes away from the matchup, the physicality, and the rugged stuff, while he does play the game with a certain level of thought to it. He truly seems to be made of the stuff that the Miami Heat seek in a prospect or player of any caliber.

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While, again, he has to be there for the Miami Heat to take him with their pick, providing they actually use it themselves. But if they do, the pick and the player have a ton of promise.