Miami Heat Trying To Get Back Into 2nd Round Of NBA Draft

Miami Heat President Pat Riley (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Miami Heat President Pat Riley (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are a team that excels in many areas, as quite a few teams or organizations do. However and unlike the Miami Heat, most teams don’t excel at consistently taking undervalued or under-scouted talent, only to turn them into valuable NBA players.

When you look at the Miami Heat, they are littered with those types of stories all across the roster. Whether that be Duncan Robinson, Max Strus, Gabe Vincent, Caleb Martin, or any number of other ones across the years, the Miami Heat nab guys that other teams pass or give up on and proceed to get the most out of them.

That’s why this piece of news is one that should bring a smile to the faces of many.

Let’s tackle a few things first. Ignore the last part, as Jerami Grant was already traded to the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Miami Heat might be trying to move back in the NBA Draft to acquire a second-round pick or two. At 27 in the first, it isn’t the craziest idea either.

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There is also the part about, potentially, giving up a first-round selection for a second-rounder. That may seem ludicrous on the surface, but hear us out.

It isn’t that crazy at all. It’s a tricky situation, but one that makes sense and especially for people like Pat Riley and the magicians over there in the Miami Heat’s war room.

So, the value in a pick like the 27th pick is great, because it is still a “first-round NBA Draft pick”. However, the difference between a guy at the end of the first round and down to the middle of the second round might not be that great—to be honest.

When you consider that it’s the Miami Heat you are talking about potentially taking that or those second-rounders, then that value gets as close to even as it can for any team. That’s the second part, the “that or those” of it all.

The value in that first-rounder might be enough to land multiple second-round picks or resources for the Miami Heat. So, here’s the summary.

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Not only can the Miami Heat still add another piece or few pieces of good young talent in the NBA Draft but they, perhaps, can elongate their resources by moving back just a bit in the draft. And again, when you are talking about the Miami Heat and their development program—the talent or potential difference between 27 in the first round and 15 in the second round isn’t that great at all.