Miami Heat Rumors: Does Nets’ Reported Ask Price Them Out On Durant?

Kevin Durant of Brooklyn Nets and Omer Faruk Yurtseven of Miami Heat in action(Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Kevin Durant of Brooklyn Nets and Omer Faruk Yurtseven of Miami Heat in action(Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are in a very tedious situation right now. While the business of continuing to improve their team is always front and center, things are at a bit of a standstill at the moment as all eyes in the NBA world are on Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets.

Surely looking to get in on the sweepstakes, with the Miami Heat and Suns reportedly his top two preferred destinations via trade, the Miami Heat haven’t really been active on other fronts since the news broke that Durant wanted out of Brooklyn.

With the free-agent market beginning to dwindle down, especially for your first and second-tier options, the Miami Heat would now have to go about adding premium talent via the trade market.

Kevin Durant is certainly a huge part of that mix. Well, at least, you hope so.

Or did the trade market price them out of that yet? Specifically, did the Brooklyn Nets price them out of that market?

The Miami Heat are in the midst of a bidding war and fact-finding mission on Kevin Durant, certainly. Have the Nets priced them out of the market though?

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It’s become public knowledge that the Nets are looking for one of, if not the single biggest, returns in NBA history when it comes to a Kevin Durant deal.

In fact and via Vincent Goodwill on Chris Haynes’ Posted Up Podcasthe had the following to say on one particular ask from Brooklyn in exchange for Durant.

"Brooklyn came to Minnesota and said ‘We want Karl-Anthony Towns, we want the Ant Man, and we want four draft picks."

Wowsers! What an ask, but it’s to be expected when considering the talent that Kevin Durant is.

While this may not be the exact going rate, you can expect that it will cost a team quite a few of their most illustrious players or assets. The Miami Heat have the pieces to make this type of offer, it’s just about whether they want to give those pieces up.

That’s the question.

Also, the safe assumption is that whenever a deal materializes, it will involve multiple teams. That benefits teams like Miami, who might not want to include all of their prime pieces to send to the Nets or want to be able to move other pieces around that translate to value for other teams.

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It’s all a fluid scenario, which is ironic with the lack of movement. So, while the Miami Heat aren’t exactly priced out of the market for Kevin Durant yet, the buy-in won’t be a small one.