Miami Heat Rumors: Is Jaylen Brown fandom a foreshadow?

Jaylen Brown #7 of the Boston Celtics shoots the ball against Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Jaylen Brown #7 of the Boston Celtics shoots the ball against Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat haven’t been able to execute their desired plans on the NBA’s trade market, one can only assume. Looking for a big-name guy this offseason, they have yet to come away with a deal that suits them, apparently.

While guys like Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant seemed to be high on their priority list, they haven’t been able to make significant traction on either of those fronts. Well, a name not mentioned so far but associated with the two that were, might be the next name linked to Miami.

Here are a few thoughts from writer and reporter, Adam Borai, on how the Miami Heat may approach things from here. Note what’s actually being conveyed.

While the thought itself has all the merit, that the Miami Heat may pivot to a Jaylen Brown if they can’t see themselves attaining Kevin Durant, the second part of Borai’s thoughts may be the most interesting of them all.

The Miami Heat haven’t been able to land Kevin Durant or Donovan Mitchell, but another star may be in their crosshairs. Is Jaylen Brown in their future?

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Not only does he already have “BIG fans” among “high ranking Heat officials”, but they even like him more than Donovan Mitchell. That’s telling, especially considering that Mitchell has seemed to be number two on their list all offseason.

With that though, you have to imagine what Brown would look like with this Heat group. For starters, you love his defense and his hustle.

He plays that end of the floor and he is willing to give it up. He’ll do the dirty work when his head is on right.

That’s the thing though. Typically, “dirty work” is lumped in with intangibles, but that isn’t the case here.

While Brown will do the work, you can question his intangibles and mostly due to his perceived mental makeup. He always seems to be so caught up in external stimuli that it seems to impact his performance and attitude about many situations.

That’s something that should leave the Miami Heat a little tentative in thinking about pulling the levers on a deal for him, especially with all it would take to land him. Here is the final thought to leave you with on the topic.

Why on Earth does it seem as though Boston is looking to move or deal him at every waking chance they get? They just made it to the NBA Finals, yet they are looking to move their second-best player and this is after they’ve, seemingly, looked to do it a few times before.

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That would concern me. But either way it goes, you have to trust Pat Riley and the rest of the crew, as they overwhelmingly get more right than wrong.