Miami Heat: Jamal Cain keeping things interesting on the developmental front

Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets dribbles as Jamal Cain #8 of the Miami Heat defends(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets dribbles as Jamal Cain #8 of the Miami Heat defends(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat have quite a bit to go still in their preseason, which means that they have quite a bit to go before we even think about making any sort of heavy proclamations about the team. However and though one of the main functions of the preseason is to get your regular guys into a rhythm for what is on the horizon in the coming season, it also serves as a time to scout developmental pieces on your roster.

And when it comes to the Miami Heat and what they do in that area, they are not only among the best in the NBA, but among the best in the entire world of sports. Looking at their developmental guys on the roster right now, you have two-way guys in Darius Days and Marcus Garrett, along with training camp deal (Exhibit 9 or 10) guys in Dru Smith, Orlando Robinson, Jamaree Bouyea, and Jamal Cain.

And if you had taken that crop of guys coming into the training camp portion of the show, you would have assumed that Days and Garrett were locks for their spots, while the guy in camp with the highest chance to do something may have been the seven-foot floor stretcher, Orlando Robinson.

Well, that can’t be any further from the truth right now. And in fact, one guy is making that whole scenario very interesting.

That would be the last guy mentioned, Jamal Cain. With decent size for the forward position, his ability to do a little of everything is what separates him.

The Miami Heat always strike gold when it comes to developmental prospects. And Jamal Cain may have just launched himself into that orbit.

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He is extremely athletic and plays both sides of the ball, again, where his versatility is highlighted on both sides. Though he has improvement to make as a shooter, his high motor and ability to make an impact nearly everywhere else on the floor make him look like a Heat keeper right now.

Take this play, in example. It’s an ideal Miami Heat type of sequence for a youngster trying to prove himself.

From tough defense to getting an easy one via man and ball movement, again, this was a Miami Heat sequence if there ever were one from Cain. And it also highlights his work ethic, as this was all effort based.

Either way it goes, those last few slots aren’t necessarily a lock just yet. There are ways the Heat can get tricky to, potentially, keep Cain without having to let anyone else go from a two-way situation, perhaps.

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But, then again, there are caveats there too. We shall see but in any event, Cain is showing some good stuff and the Miami Heat definitely have to like what they see.