Miami Heat have ‘little regard’ for Westbrook and Kyle Lowry swap

Kyle Lowry #7 of the Miami Heat reacts as Russell Westbrook #0 of the Los Angeles Lakers celebrates (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Kyle Lowry #7 of the Miami Heat reacts as Russell Westbrook #0 of the Los Angeles Lakers celebrates (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat are always the toast of the NBA Rumor Mill around this time of the year. While Pat Riley and the crew are always in the market for an upgrade that can really help them win, there is also another factor associated with bringing up the Miami Heat in trade rumors.

When you are looking to get something done from either side, a player wanting to force a move or a team wanting to help facilitate a move, mentioning the Miami Heat usually gets things done. However, regardless of whether it’s real or not, there is one name that won’t be coming to Miami nor will they be able to use them as leverage there.

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That would be Russell Westbrook, currently of the Los Angeles Lakers. Well, that’s, at least, according to the reports.

"The Lakers are surely searching for continued upgrades to their lineup around LeBron James and Anthony Davis following their January addition of Rui Hachimura, sources said, and have held conversations with both Utah and Charlotte regarding trading Russell Westbrook and the final year of his $47 million salary. It’s been repeated by league personnel that Miami has little regard for swapping Kyle Lowry for Westbrook."

The Miami Heat may be in the market for a move as the deadline approaches. However, that move won’t be swapping Kyle Lowry for Russell Westbrook.

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While many out there are hoping for a way for the Miami Heat to send Kyle Lowry elsewhere in exchange for help or simply, relief from his salary, this won’t be one of the mechanisms triggered by the Miami Heat.

Here is the thing about it all though. Are there any realistic and possible potential upgrades out there though?

That answer isn’t as clear as it may seem either.

And for what it’s worth, even among last season’s similar ineffectiveness at times from Lowry, he still managed to show up in the playoffs when it mattered the most. When he was on the floor, even still hobbled at times while there, he showed up.

One example is the game in the Eastern Conference Finals that he pretty much won with his big shot-making. There is a lot of season left though and there is still quite a bit of it to go before the February 9th trade deadline as well.

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So, buckle up! Things should only get more interesting from here.