NBA Rumors: Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell price was ‘far too steep’ for Heat

Miami Heat, Donovan Mitchell. (Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat, Donovan Mitchell. (Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Miami Heat’s front office has taken more than their fair share of criticism over the past season or so. Dating back to about two years now, you specifically focus on the flurry of movement and rumors that have surrounded the Heat in that time frame.

Now, keep in mind that this is also a time frame that has included Jimmy Butler dragging this Miami Heat team to as close to the “promised land” as he could possibly get on several occasions without actually winning a title, having gone to a Game 7 against the Boston Celtics last season and taking this Heat team to the NBA finals during the bubble.

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But back to that movement, where names like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Donovan Mitchell, and a few others were on the market to be had. And to continue with the theme of reiteration, that takes you back to the ire that the Miami Heat’s front office and decision-makers have taken in light of all of that.

Specifically though, when you look at one of the names above and that being Donovan Mitchell, there has been a bit of a new light shed on the incident.