Miami Heat: 3 free agent targets to pair with Bam Adebayo

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Miami Heat

Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat dunks during the first half against the Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Jimmy Butler is the best player on the Miami Heat right now, but Bam Adebayo is the future. If the team makes any significant move this offseason, they should keep that in mind.

Obviously, with how talented the roster is, moves can be made to help compete for a championship right now. At the same time, Adebayo is only 23-years-old.

This means that the Heat will be in contention for titles for many years to come. Therefore, making moves that compliment Adebayo should be a priority.

There are plenty of talented players that the Miami Heat could target this offseason. Some are younger, some are older, and a bunch have the ability to impact winning at a high level.

Adebayo is a super athletic defensive mastermind that can lock down the paint on both ends. Finding players that pair well with his skillset would set the Heat up beautifully.

This could be a variety of different players and playtypes. From a pass-first point guard to an elite shooter on the wing, there are lots of different paths to finding good complementary pieces.

While signing young players that can grow with him would be ideal, bringing in veterans would help as well. Age doesn’t always have to play a factor in whether or not two players fit well together.

Taking all that into consideration, who are the best players to pair alongside Bam Adebayo this offseason? Which free agents should the Miami Heat be targeting?

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