Miami Heat: Jimmy Butler And Kyle Lowry Close Door On Brooklyn Late

Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry (7) and forward Jimmy Butler (22) talk on the court(Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry (7) and forward Jimmy Butler (22) talk on the court(Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat came out on Saturday night and played a tough game against the Brooklyn Nets. Well, at least it was a tough game by the time it ended.

Making it harder than it had to be to close, the game didn’t get that way until the fourth quarter. For most of the first period, the game was very back-and-forth in nature.

Then, the Miami Heat proceeded to do in the third quarter what they’ve done in their last several games. That was dominate in the third period.

It was then where they went on a big run, getting up as much as 20 points, closing the period up by 15, 91-76. And then, the fourth period happened.

Starting late with a run that saw Patty Mills hit a three to close the gap to 10, the Brooklyn Nets would then themselves proceed to further their run to a point where they would nearly tie the contest.

Getting it to within one twice in the final seconds of the game, it came down to three huge plays by two of the Miami Heat‘s best three players.

The Miami Heat got a tough victory on Saturday night, though it shouldn’t have been. They allowed Brooklyn to come back, but they eventually closed it.

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After they got it to one the first time, the after-timeout play calling specialist himself, Erik Spoelstra, would draw up some magic for his favorite bulldozer.

That’s when Jimmy Butler did what Jimmy Butler does, make a tough contested layup in the middle of a crowded paint in a huge moment for his Miami Heat. That put the Heat up three, 112-109.

Then, after a very questionable foul call on P.J. Tucker, Kyrie Irving would sink two free throws to make the game a one-point affair again, 112-111. Jimmy Butler would then be fouled again on the inbounds play for free throws.

He would only make one of those, giving the Miami Heat a, 113-111, lead to close the game with. That is when he got some help from his All-Star teammate and one of his best friends, Kyle Lowry.

On the sequence, Kyle Lowry would flat-out take the ball away from Brooklyn, leading to a break and all but icing the game after he passed to P.J. Tucker, who got fouled. The Miami Heat made it so much harder than it had to be, but they won the game, 115-111.

Kyrie Irving is a great player and it showed in that final period. The Miami Heat can’t put themselves in that spot though.

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They got the win though here, most importantly. It’s best to just put this one behind them and down as a win, before getting some rest before Luka Doncic and the Mavs come to town on Tuesday.