Former Miami Heat Players Unite Over Denver Nuggets Cheap Shot

Josh Richardson #0 of the Miami Heat high-fives teammates James Johnson #16 and Wayne Ellington #2 during the second half(Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)
Josh Richardson #0 of the Miami Heat high-fives teammates James Johnson #16 and Wayne Ellington #2 during the second half(Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat were defeated on Sunday night in their last game of the regular season. Victor Oladipo had himself a game, nearly messing around a getting a 40 point triple-double in the game, which speaks to the main thing about the game.

He had full domination over the ball, while the Miami Heat were defeated because they didn’t play many of their regular guys. With that though, it wasn’t the result of their actual played game on Sunday that made the biggest impact, no pun intended.

Though currently on another roster at the moment, former Miami Heat shooter, Wayne Ellington, had the biggest impact on Sunday. Well, he received the biggest impact.

It came at the hands of a Denver Nugget. Yes, stop us when you’ve heard that one before.

At the end of a play, one that seemed like a routine transition sequence, Denver Nuggets guard, Facu Campazzo, proceeded to deliver a cheap shot of a blow to the back of the now-Lakers wing. Again, stop us when you’ve heard this one before.

What you are seeing is exactly what you think you are seeing. After a routine basketball play, a Denver Nuggets player who can’t control and compose themselves, proceeds to deliver a hard blow to a non-looking and unexpecting player.

The Miami Heat experienced the ‘dirty play’ of the Denver Nuggets earlier this season. Now, former Heat wing, Wayne Ellington, knows first hand too.

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Ok, we’ll bite. It’s that same type of scenario that caused current Miami Heat forward, Markief Morris, to miss nearly 60 games of the season.

You can see how Wayne Ellington responded, via his own embedded tweet in the above clip. In response to Ellington’s response, another former Miami Heat player was in disbelief.

That would be current San Antonio Spur, Josh Richardson. When asked about why he had something to say by a social media user, here is what J-Rich had to say.

There are four points to make here, in closing. What happened to Ellington is beyond flagrant, dirty, and premeditated.

At some point, Denver Nuggets players can’t continue to get away with delivering a high-impact blow to an unaware target. Secondly, reciprocation of that same energy may be the most appropriate and effective way to nip it in the bud.

This isn’t a new thing for them. Obviously, it’s a part of their mentality, at this point.

Lastly, how are defenders of his actions and similar ones before this going to defend this one? They can’t.

It’s indefensible. Lastly though, the Culture always finds a way to show up and authenticate itself.

If you ever doubted the thing that goes on within the Miami Heat basketball organization, moments like these are here to remind you that they are all real. The only figments of imagination are those sentiments that try to paint the Miami Heat Culture as anything but a reality.

Hopefully, Ellington is alright and without significant damage, most importantly here. With the Lakers being out of the postseason, at least he doesn’t have to worry about the immediate impact on his job.

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It’s still no less sickening of an act from a Denver Nuggets team that is beginning to develop a reputation.