Miami Heat: One Key Improvement For Omer Yurtseven Next Season

Omer Yurtseven #77 of the Miami Heat blocks a dunk by Miles Bridges #0 of the Charlotte Hornets(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Omer Yurtseven #77 of the Miami Heat blocks a dunk by Miles Bridges #0 of the Charlotte Hornets(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Heat have a ton of things they could do this season. They have their first-round pick available to them.

That means that they could opt to take a guy. They could do what they do best with first-round draft picks though, trade it in a package for a proven guy that can help right away.

They could also get that guy that can help right away on the free-agent market. While they could do a deal that involves their draft pick, as mentioned, that proven guy could also come via the trade market.

There are tons of ways to upgrade the roster and that’s just from external sources. Another way to upgrade the roster is for the talent on the roster to get better, an internal way of improving.

While that could go for many guys, there is one guy on the roster who could take off with just a little more fine-tuning.

The Miami Heat have another gem on their roster waiting to be polished. With a little work this offseason, Omer Yurtseven could shine like a diamond soon.

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While his offensive game and rebounding are coming along nicely as is, with a few defensive tweaks, Omer Yurtseven could really grow into the all-around force that he appeared to be at times this past season.

That’s why his key improvement for the offseason would be his basic defensive abilities. It sounds vague but it’s actually pretty specific and simple.

The basics of defense are agility, foot speed, and awareness or instincts. First and foremost, he plays for the Miami Heat, so when it comes to getting the most out of an athlete’s body and the physical ability of it all, they are the team that can get that out of a guy.

With hard work and drilling those specific aspects of the game, the agility and foot speed issues should be a breeze to improve. That can see immediate results and then begin to yield results just as quickly as next season tips off.

The instincts and awareness part is a bit trickier, but still not overly complicated. That will take film work, drilling, and coaching.

There is also a mechanism happening with it all. By improving those physical attributes mentioned, he can actually help improve the instincts aspect of it all too.

Being able to get to the things that he might be seeing or having an extra little something to help recover or make up for a late read could make all the difference. If he can make those improvements happen, he could really step into a much more meaningful role for the Miami Heat.

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With his ability to score and be a dominant rebounding presence, increased ability on the other side of the ball could be the key to The Big Yurt becoming a special player. This is how he gets that done.