Miami Heat Roundtable: Time to take John Collins rumors serious or not?

Atlanta Hawks forward John Collins (20) blocks a shot by Miami Heat guard Max Strus (31)( Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)
Atlanta Hawks forward John Collins (20) blocks a shot by Miami Heat guard Max Strus (31)( Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Charlotte Hornets guard Dennis Smith Jr. (8) and Miami Heat forward center Bam Adebayo (13) go after a loose ball( Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports) /

Though many that follow the Miami Heat were clamoring for it before Sunday, Sunday afternoon’s defeat at the hands of the Charlotte Hornets has many fans desperate for the Heat to make a move.

In desperation though, there are often one of two separate results that tend to come to fruition. Because of urgency, survival some might say, one may be tasked to make a risky decision that is beneficial but not one they would typically make.

On the other end, it could force them into a rushed decision, one that typically needs more time to ponder upon based on the notion of it being “rushed”. And that just may be where the Miami Heat find themselves.

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But in said desperation, might they do something that they have hesitated to do before, perhaps? Here is what we mean.

According to Sean Deveney of, the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks have had talks on a deal such as the above-mentioned. And though talks have cooled, there is a thought from Deveney that those talks could pick back up.

But here’s the real question. Should they?

My Take

When it comes to the Miami Heat and the matter of John Collins, it’s a simple answer. It’s still no.

But for what seems like the umpteenth time in the last several years, his name has come up in relation to the Miami Heat and for the umpteenth time—they should pass.

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Collins received the big deal from the Atlanta Hawks prior to last season and that was while many knew that the deal came in the midst of them actually wanting to go another route. That notion proved to be a correct estimation by Atlanta, thus far, as Collins has been largely ineffective for the most part this season.

That’s, especially, based on the salary and expectations that come with it. One of Collins’ main issues is that he isn’t as impactful beside another big, while his skill set and lack of top-end defensive ability make him an ideal four.

In example and as Clint Capela began to emerge in Atlanta, Collins’ production began to become spotty, eventually dissipating at times. Even to begin this season and outside of a splashy game or so, ironically enough against the Miami Heat on one occasion, Collins hasn’t been a man that’s provided the punch that his salary dictates he should.

Basically, the value just isn’t there for what you’d have to pay Collins, what it’ll likely cost to get him, and the fact that he’s shown to not be able to function at a high level if he’s not the core standalone big man.

With all of this in mind, the Miami Heat should pass—again.