Orlando Robinson more vital after Miami Heat trade Dedmon

Miami Heat center Orlando Robinson (25) shoots over Cleveland Cavaliers forward Evan Mobley (4)(David Richard-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat center Orlando Robinson (25) shoots over Cleveland Cavaliers forward Evan Mobley (4)(David Richard-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat just got rid of a guy that was in the direct path of the disdain of many Miami Heat fans as the season progressed. Having a pretty good first season with the Miami Heat, big man, Dewayne Dedmon, seemed to regress in the eyes of most Miami Heat fans.

This all absolutely came to a head several weeks back. After stretches of what many consider questionable play, it culminated in recent weeks with his incident in the midst of a game.

After a questionable decision or two on the floor, he was seen having a debate, shall we say, with the coaching staff. This, ultimately, ended with a courtside massage gun ending up on the court of play and Dedmon being sent to the locker room.

Not having seen him for 10 or so games, he was recently called off the pine in a contest against the Bucks, which seems as though it now may have been a way to show that he was actually healthy.

The Miami Heat had begun to go with rookie big man, Orlando Robinson, more recently anyway. However, after Dewayne Dedmon was traded, he is now vital.

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With his removal from the Miami Heat’s roster though, it places a special onus on a Miami Heat team that was already bereft of size in general and depth at the big man positions beforehand. Now, while dealing with Dedmon’s ineptitude and inconsistency, at times, this season, the Miami Heat had already found themselves going more to rookie big man, Orlando Robinson, currently on a two-way contract.

And with Dedmon’s ultimate departure at this point, they may find themselves going to the rookie big more than they have already. In fact, Orlando Robinson’s presence might now be as vital to the Miami Heat as it has been all season long.

And that’s especially if they can’t make a deal before Thursday’s trade deadline. With Kyle Lowry’s name out there on the wire, one should definitely keep their eyes open.

However, his recent knee situation makes those chances there a big foggy as well. Either way it goes and especially if they do nothing, this much is now true with the Demon trade.

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Orlando Robinson becomes just that much more important to this Miami Heat squad and their fate moving forward.