Kevin Love already familiar with the Miami Heat’s culture

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra watches Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love (0) shoot a three-point basket(David Richard-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra watches Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love (0) shoot a three-point basket(David Richard-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Miami Heat just needed to add a couple of guys based on what they put on the floor in the first half of the year. And while there are those out there that may believe the Miami Heat could have done a lot better, with what they moved to acquire their new guys and with the impact they could make, it was a pretty decent haul.

And yes, there is a ton to still decide on both Cody Zeller and Kevin Love, but from afar they both seem like good pieces on the surface. Zellers seems to be a quietly working go-about-his-job type of guy in the grand scheme of it all.

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And based on everything you know about Kevin Love, he has been a sort of similar kind of guy, for as much as a player can be that has seen the heights he has. Well, especially during the midst of his time with LeBron James in Cleveland.

But focusing specifically on Love for a second, he also seems to be a guy who already has the mentality and talks a certain way, especially in accordance with a team like the Miami Heat. Appearing to buy into it all before he even knows what he’s buying into, it certainly bodes well for the future of both parties, and here is specifically what is meant here.

The newest Miami Heat guys, Kevin Love and Cody Zeller, both seem made of the ‘right stuff’. Love, however, already seems to know about ‘the culture’ too.

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The Miami Heat’s culture is an important aspect of who they are and why they compete from season to season more often than they don’t across their relatively young existence as an NBA franchise. And Love seems to understand just that.

The veteran championship power forward will not only add his shooting, rebounding, and ability to create easy offensive looks at the basket because of his ability to establish good positioning, but he should help add more experience, toughness, and another veteran presence for the Miami Heat as they continue to endeavor throughout the remainder of the year.

But he’ll also, seemingly, continue to try to emulate and perpetuate the culture—which is key because that ultimately dictates success for a player with this particular team and for the Miami Heat’s chances in a given year due to the performance of said players.

And again, to reiterate this notion—are Love or Zeller surefire fixes? No, and no one can be certain of that right now.

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However, in the Miami Heat’s ultimate quest to win an NBA title, what you can’t say is that they didn’t try. Because they attacked several direct needs with their moves and they both seem to be made of the right stuff.